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Q: Can I use the Tōchi on any quartz nail/bucket?

A:Yes, the Tōchi will heat up any existing quartz configuration.  Large buckets(over 40mm) may require rotation for even heating.

Q: How long does it take to heat up a quartz bucket?

A: Depending on the size and thickness of the quartz it takes 30 seconds to about a minute.  Double walled vessels may take up to 2 minutes. Reheats take about half the time.

Q: What type of quartz buckets work BEST with Tochi?

A: Thick (3mm) and double walled vessels work best because they retain that perfect temp range longer than a thin cup.  For this reason we have teamed up with Whitney Harmon Glass and Eric Ross 4.0 to bring you some excellent pairings. Available soon.

Q: How long to I have to let the quartz cool down?

A: There is no cool down time.  Just pick up your piece and concentrate.

Q: How close to the end do I park my quartz bucket?

A: Place the bucket right up in the end of the barrel, the closer you are to the inner barrel the more even the heat transfer.

Q: How do I adjust the height?

A: Loosen the knobs on the side of the unit, adjust to the desired height and tighten the knobs back down.

Q: Where are the Tōchi torches made?

A: They are all made at a small manufacturer in Milwaukee, WI.

Q: How much electricity does the Tōchi use?

A: It runs on 200-1500 watts.  The commonly used heat range uses 600-950 watts.